Important deadlines for christmas releases

Soon it will smell of fresh cinnamon cookies and the first christmas songs will play on the radio. Time to inform you about submission deadlines of important store partners. Please keep the following deadlines so that your music will be released on time:

 Release DateDelivery Deadline
iTunes11/22/201911/15/2019 (PST)
12/29/201911/15/2018 (PST)
12/06/201911/22/2019 (PST)
12/13/201912/06/2019 (PST)
12/20/201912/06/2019 (PST)
12/27/201912/13/2019 (PST)
01/03/202012/13/2019 (PST)
Spotify & Google Play01/03/202012/13/2019 (PST)
Beatport01/03/202012/13/2019 (PST)