More time for artists?

We make digital music distribution as easy as possible!

Distribute your music to stores worldwide - effortlessly & sucessfully with Rebeat

Professional store managementDistribute your music to stores worldwide such as Spotify, Amazon, YouTube or Tidal. We negotiate contracts, take care of administration and pitch your releases.
Easy to use content management systemWith our software MES you can easily manage your meta data. For a sucessful release chose from many options: pre-order with audio sample, automatic take down, deactivate single stores, ...
Transparent revenue managementWe receive revenues from all stores and forward them to you. You can manage payouts to your artists fast and hassle-free with our software MES.Accounting
Settlement of mechanical royaltiesWe take care of mechanical royalties for you, for example in the USA. Claims will be settled directly with rights owners such as composers, producers and others.
Detailled analytics for label & artistsWe provide you with daily and monthly sales statistics. You can offer your artists a special analytics dashboard with their own performance reports.Data analysis
Provide samples to Radio & TVWe offer free samples of your music to Radio & TV stations for their airplay. Invite stations, that are important for your market to register for free for our service.Media Promotion Service
Promotion platform Artist CampWe support your promotion with our platform Artist Camp. Offer visitiors a 30 second audio sample of your tracks, inform about releases and promote concerts of your artists.Artist Camp
Make money with YouTubeWe are certified partner of YouTube and administer content and rights for you. We register claims, monetize videos and set activities to grow your audience.Youtube Monetizing
AudilibrixKanjian MusicSoundcloud
DeezerMelonTDC Danish Telekom
Google MusicPandoraTik Tok
iTunesQQ MusicYouTube

Costs for digital music distribution

Our revenueshare for digital music distribution is the usual 15%. In addition to that you need to buy one license for your software MES. With this software you can plan all your releases centrally, manage royalty accounting and analyse performance data.

Pay-as-you-go or flat-fee?

Variable costs, such as updating meta data, are invoiced only when you use the service. You can chose how you want to settle those costs.

  • With Pay-as-you-go every variable service is seperatly invoiced. You have no fixed monthly fees and you pay only the services you use.
  • If you chose our flat-fee scheme, you pay a fixed yearly flat-fee that covers all variable costs. No matter how often you use a service, you pay only the fixed fee.
Digital music distributionPay-as-you-goFlat-Fee
Software license€ 149.- (one time)€ 149.- (one time)
Yearly flat-fee-€ 1,188.-
Data upload SD file€ 1.- per trackunlimited
Data upload HD file€ 2.- per trackunlimited
Meta data update€ 5.- per releaseunlimited
Take down€ 10.- per releaseunlimited
Accounting overview€ 3.- per overviewunlimited
ISRC Code€ 1.- per trackunlimited
EAN Codierung€ 5.- per releaseunlimited
Download Codes€ 0.25 per code€ 0.25 per code
1st Level supportinclusiveinclusive
2nd Level support€ 106.80 per hour
Technical support€ 154.80 per hour
*All prices are including taxes