Spotify for Artists replaces Spotify Analytics20200630105551

Spotify for Artists replaces Spotify Analytics

Spotify Analytics, so far the tool for labels and distributors, will be shut down on 30, July 2020. Users will be transfered to Spotify for Artists. T...
Revise metadata now for free20200527141419

Revise metadata now for free

WOW! We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback and success of our ticket system, that we launched last year. The goal was to make it easier for you,...
New: Cost accounting for music labels20200403110058

New: Cost accounting for music labels

On April 6, 2020 version of the Music Enterprise Software MES will be available. The update features a completely new functionality: Cost Ac...
Free metadata update20200316140141

Free metadata update

The current COVID-19 crisis has a severe impact on the music industry as concerts are being canceled and record shops are closed. We want to support y...
Important changes for Google Play Music20200224153109

Important changes for Google Play Music

We were informed by Google, that by the middle of March 2020 all songs which are released on Google Play Music are automatically released on YouTube M...
New function: Download Codes20191202134842

New function: Download Codes

Create your own download codes directly in your MES with a few clicks! With this code your fans can download a song for free on
Support during holidays20191112103947

Support during holidays

We take pride in caring personally about our customers. Real people support you and answer your questions. And since real people need time off, we clo...
Important deadlines for christmas releases20191110130008

Important deadlines for christmas releases

Soon it will smell of fresh cinnamon cookies and the first christmas songs will play on the radio. Time to inform you about submission deadlines of im...
Preferred Distributor for Apple Music20190716144216

Preferred Distributor for Apple Music

We are proud to be awarded Preferred Distributor by Apple Music and having our efforts for high quality service acknowledged. Our customers will profi...
Important: Statements via PayPal20190708121024

Important: Statements via PayPal

Dear customer,As one of the few distributors, we have been offering payment of statements via PayPal to our customers. Unfortunately, PayPal informed ...