Niki Laber is new COO

Experienced entrepreneur Niki Laber joins music distributor Rebeat Digital as Chief Operations Manager. Having been a shareholder of the company for many years he knows the company and its structures very well. „I am excited to assume an active role and to use my knowledge and experience to benefit our customers“ says the David Bowie fan. Laber is responsible for customer relations, internal processes and development of new services.


Focus on service quality

According to Laber, his key aspect will be on service quality. „Rebeat is known for its extremely high service quality. Our goal is to make music distribution and royalty accounting as easy as possible for our customers” says the native born Viennese. A major step stone to achieve this goal is continuously developing Rebeat’s Music Enterprise Software, which combines music distribution and royalty accounting in one system. With his vast knowledge in computer game development Laber is well prepared for this task.


From gaming to music

At the age of 23 Niki Laber founded his first company developing computer games. In search of music for his games he stumbled upon Rebeat and after many years of collaboration he became a shareholder in 2010. Laber, who holds a PhD in communication science, finally switches completely from gaming to music. However, he will remain connected to the gaming industry as president of the Austrian Association for Entertainment Software.

Niki Laber, COO at Rebeat Digital GmbH